Gal Rags

Life is full of choices and endless options, most related to the accumulation of stuff. Lucky for me, there are magazines to make the consideration and dismissing of what stuff easier to handle and fit into a normal work day. I'm not talking about regular magazines, all to which a certain extent, flog products and aspirational life styles in their pages.

Here are some of my favorites:

Every month I see Domino Magazine at the check out stand and I remind myself to subscribe. Domino is an offshoot of Lucky Magazine (below) but I like it tons better. They don't even look alike, which I guess they wouldn't since they're separate magazines. What Domino does right (and everything Lucky doesn't) is it makes you feel like you could be that cool gal who likes to dust and puts a lot of thought into what would be the right wall treatment for each of her spaces. As I'm hoping to have some time next year to start getting my living space in shape, I pour over the pages and resource lists and save each and every copy.

First came Lucky Magazine, then came Domino, but I think Lucky has lagged behind in look and feel. (Even though, I think, they may have undergone a design tweak recently.) There's a good mix of stuff and the local guides are handy, but this is a hardcore shopping magazine. There's not much to read and I have no problem tearing out pages and recycling the rest within a day or two of reading it. It's just not a keeper even if some of the info inside of it is. I think the cover images, of girl celebs, are just a bit too boring. For a magazine about nice stuff, it's remarkably unremarkable but I look forward to it arriving in my mail box and consider the 20 minutes it takes to page through it well spent.

OK, I know. The Anthropologie catalog is not a magazine, it's a catalog, but I think it fits nicely with Lucky and Domino since it's an aspirational life style publication just like the stores are. I know people (even a guy!) who collect them and flip through them like picture books for grown-ups. I find it fussy here and there, but I can't help but wish (sometimes) I was the type of girly-girl who could get a rush out the almost too precious collection of stuff they sell and refer to my boring bra, panties and Old Navy camisoles as underpinings.

Shop, Etc may no longer be with us, but when it was was sort of a combo of Lucky and Domino all in one, plus with a pretty extensive beauty junk section. Why didn't it survive? Well, look at the cover. Even though the inside was chock full of stuff, the whole design from front cover to the editorial pages just didn't resonate. Even with me and I'd buy the thing every month. I once even picked up the same issue twice and felt really dumb, but that's how blah the covers were. I was slightly disappointed to see the magazine fold, but wasn't at all surprised.

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