Out and About: Phoenix

Looking forward to 100+ degrees (according to weather.com it'll be 90 by 9AM) during my quickie stay in Phoenix for the 22nd Annual Hispanic Women's Conference. I'll be taking part in the Chica Lit panel on Friday starting at 2:15 at the Convention Center along with Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, Mary Castillo and Caridad Ferrer.

I've also packed two (TWO) outfit options for the talk: the Nine West dress I wore to the wedding and a Banana Republic dress I picked up retail and will be returning because the sister told me I was stupid to pay retail and enticed me into an ebay bidding war over the same dress which I ended up winning, getting the same dress for half the price. So now I have two of the same dresses, but only one is coming along with me to Phoenix along with my beloved Delman heels. My initial outfit idea of a black pencil skirt and Delmans had to be scrapped because I couldn't find just the right top even though I have tops in my closet which would work. Plus, 100+ degrees, even experienced from the short walk from the hotel to the Convention Center across the street, seem to be more of a floaty dress kind of occasion.

I'm also leaving behind my iPod and workout gear as I've been very good with the exercising (people, it really does work!) and will be hitting the pool for a few half-hearted laps before settling down in the shade to read Black Hawk Down.

So check back next week for a rundown of what went down with plenty of pictures of what I ate (at the kid's request) and wore.

Can you tell I don't get out much?

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