Life Lessons: Blips and Bleeps

I'm currently suffering the wrath of the technological gods. My dsl connection is as slow as molasses, my newly rebuilt laptop is missing programs, I can't get the color scheme quite right and I just over all hate how very obvious it is that my life is tied to my computer.

But whatever.

The husband came through with the Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Heidi Bowler for my birthday but as you can see from the picture on the right, it was way too big. So back it went. I almost kept it just to be a bitch, but when something is not right, it's just not right. But it was very much appreciated and such soft buttery leather, I fondled it all the way back to Nordstroms.

So I decided now was a good time to explore the possibility of acquiring a tote bag for toting life essentials around. Those being, in my case, either a book or magazine, my wallet, lip balm, keys and my cell phone when I remember it.

Despite my internet connection woes and past experience, I've decided to get myself a tote via I stuck through the slow and spotty download, poked around and was all geared up to make a decision when after refreshing, the company put up a note saying they're suspending web ordering for the time being.

Haha on me!

It would have been too late for me to get one by Thursday, anyway, when I'll be flying into Phoenix for the 22nd Annual Hispanic Womens Conference. I'll make due with one of my Coach bags (the black one, yawn) and since I've borrowed my sisters paperback copy of Black Hawk Down (I've watched and re-watched and am currently watching the movie a half dozen times since last week), I'll have plenty of space for postcards and the cactus candy that was recently featured on an Unwrapped.

I'm really looking forward to Phoenix as I'll be leaving my laptop behind (and the husband, kid and dog) and getting together with some of the writers before our panel and book signing on Friday.

Too bad I won't have a new tote bag to take along with me, but I'll deal with it.

I really am hating my computer life right now.

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