Junior High Daze

A few months ago I went for a visit to my junior high, now known as [Florence] Nightingale Middle School, to talk to students about writing, publishing and how to make it happen. I spent a few hours whipping up a Power Point presentation so I would have something to distract the kids with and then drove down there and gave my spiel three times to about 150 students. They did their best to pay attention and asked some very good questions. All of them perked up when I mentioned myspace even though I told them it was an evil waste of time. Last week, Carmela, a former teacher at Nightingale and the person who did all the leg work to make the visit happen, gave me a huge envelope with all the thank you cards the kids wrote.

So sweet! Even the one's that were obviously teacher mandated class assignments. I don't have a favorite but the one below by Rigo R. seems to sum it all up very nicely.

I really loved my hair that day, too, Rigo. Aside from showing off my coif I also got to eat lunch in the teacher cafeteria. And what did I eat? Exactly what a regular student could have picked up in the hash lines outside.

Now this pizza was plenty cheesy, but not at all like the pizza I remember from elementary school which is nothing like real pizza but I am hankering to try one more time before I depart this world.

I also used my visit to attempt to exorcise some demons. I have a reoccurring dream that I can't open my locker. Either I don't remember where it is or I'm standing in front of it and I can't manage to get the combination right. Sometimes I have two lockers I have to deal with but the result is always the same: I wake up in a cold sweat with my heart beating mile a minute with the temptation to dig up my college diploma to make sure I really am all done with school.

Class was in session in the rooms around me so I had to walk quietly as I approached.

Since I didn't remember the locker number (or combination) I had to let my long buried memories take over to lead me to the general area of where I remember my junior high locker being.

I'm almost 100% sure that's it in the middle. I didn't try to jiggle the lock or anything, just took a picture, turned around and headed for home.

Last night I had another school dream. And, oh, kids don't use the lockers anymore. They have to carry all their crap around in those rolling backpacks. Plus, I ended up wearing the zig-zag dress to the wedding which was good since it was freaking hot that day, but I ended up wearing the husbands suit jacket at the reception since I was freezing. One more thing. I won't be blogging until next Monday. I have until this Friday to turn in More Than This to my editor Sulay and I really can't afford the time to fuck around, no matter how much I might want to. Sigh.

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