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It's Super Tuesday, at least it is at my house. LIFE OVER EASY is out and about and looking for a good home in a handbag or on a night table. Look for your copy at bookstores or order it on amazon.com. You can read a free chapter at bn.com and then decide. No pressure, really.

As we like to say around here "It's low fat, high in fiber and you'll instantly loose 10.4 ounces every time you put it down!"

LIFE OVER EASY Blog Only Bonus Bonanza

What is it about (back of the book copy):

The perfect recipe for an imperfect life...

Meet Natalya Campos. She's always had things under control--a successful catering business, a serious relationship, good friends, and a loud but lovable family. She's kind, smart, and organized to the point of obsession. But then her live-in boyfriend announces he's leaving her, and Natalya finds herself having a meltdown in front of a bridal magazine rack at her local 24-hour supermarket.

Natalya decides to create a recipe for the perfect man--only to find she herself lacks a few ingredients. Determined to complete her list, she joins a gym, starts to read more than cookbooks, volunteers to clean up an oil spill, and even tries to rediscover her spirituality by going to church (Bible Cliff Notes in purse). Along the way, she meets a diverse cast of characters--from a wacky bookstore owner to a tree hugger named Tree--and gets into some sticky situations, like getting bailed out of jail by her dad. It gets kind of complicated, but for Natalya, life without a spreadsheet may just turn out to be the adventure of a lifetime...

You might be wondering how I came up with the idea for LIFE OVER EASY? (If not you can skip this part.):

Everyone says I hate romantic stuff (which is basically true) but I wanted to explore a character, Natalya Campos, who really is invested in the idea of romantic love even though she has a rather business like approach to it. Natalya is so unlike me it was a lot of fun to sometimes hard to keep her on track and let her be her. I tried to keep my skepticism about love and romance to myself and let her figure out things for herself.

If Natalya is so different from you, can you even relate to her?:

Natalya likes to make lists and organize things to put them in perspective. In my mind, there's nothing that can't be solved with a good list, the whole Iraq quagmire notwithstanding.

I really like Natalya. She's deliciously flawed and that's what makes her interesting to write about and to root for.

A character by another name wouldn't be named Natalya:

I like to give my characters the right name and work usually stops until I find the perfect one. For Natalya I went through a few variations of Natalie before I was happy with what I ended up with. Before she was Natalya, Natalie or any variation thereof she was Naomi. I have a thing for 'N' names.

What does the title mean?:

Natalya is a pretty rigid person but she's a go with the flow gal when it comes to her love life. She's one of those people who just attracts boyfriends, you know the type, and never has trouble finding a nice steady guy. She never has to worry about that part of her life until she has a dry spell that has her questioning and taking charge of her dating fate.

The original title was Starting from Scratch. My nephew repeatedly suggested Cold Soup, which I wound up using for a chapter title. I personally liked SfS but it had to be changed. I brain stormed with my editor (Sulay Hernandez) minutes before she had to go plead our case and, lucky for us, they liked it as much as we did.

Signed and On the Shelf

With the kid home with a cold and no hope of getting any work done, I decided to run tomorrow's errands today. We swung by the Westside Pavilion's Barnes & Nobel (10850 West Pico Blvd, 90064) and there was LIFE OVER EASY on the shelf. I signed them and they're sitting there for the picking. (By the way, pardon my penmanship. I didn't have my special pen, which I'm convinced makes me write neater, so I had to borrow a ball point from one of the clerks.) I think they have about six copies. I was so excited to see LOE there that I didn't think to count.

Want a personalized copy of LOE? I'll be at the West Hollywood Book Fair this Sunday. After The Blog or Not To Blog panel (11-noon in the Writer's Pavilion) I'll join Adrienne Crew, Kevin Roderick, Mark Sarvas and Daniel Olivas at the Skylights Books booth for a sale and signing.

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