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"Insightful and fun…does a compelling job of exploring people's motivations for being in relationships."
--Theresa Alan national bestselling author of
Who You Know
and The Dangers of Mistletoe

"Margo brings a vibrant, wise voice to the genre. Readers won't be able to sit still for her next book!"

--Mary Castillo author of Hot Tamara and In Between Men

"LIFE OVER EASY is clever, poignant, and laugh out loud funny. Candela does an amazing job of creating very real, witty, and endearing characters. I can't wait for her next book!”
--Gemma Halliday author of Spying in High Heels and Killer in High Heels

"Stir together one uptight caterer, two outspoken friends, a large meddling family, and four hot guys. Yields one deliciously entertaining story.

LIFE OVER EASY is a recipe for fun."

--Kate Perry author of Project Daddy and the forthcoming Project Date

"LIFE OVER EASY is a little bit sweet, a little bit sad and a whole lot of sassy...All the ingredients needed for a great read… A warm and witty glimpse into what it's like in the driver's seat of a woman's journey to personal discovery."
--Eileen Rendahl author of
Balancing in High Heels, Un-Bridaled
and Un-Veiled
Powell's Books

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