Conspicuous Consumption: Stupid and Useful Wish List

With the the suddenly free time I have on my hands until I'm back at my own desk, in my own office, surrounded by my own things typing on my own keyboard, I thought I'd do some monitor shopping, as in looking, not buying.

Hair Be Gone: Now this looks like an interesting little gadget. I read about it in W magazine last night--incidentally W is the most ungainly and unrelatable magazine out there...for the most part--and looked it up this morning. What it does, the no! no!, is use "scientific principles of thermal transference to conduct a gentle pulse of heat to the hair." Sounds good to me! What I'm not so enthused about is the price, $250 for the base unit and not counting the regular replacement bits at $21 a pop, only at I love beauty torture gadgets, I have a drawer full of them, but will reserve the typing in of my credit card number until a later date.

Heavy Load: I work out, it's the only way I can justify eating the way I do, and as such I'm always on the look out for junk that'll make my exercise time more enjoyable and effective. Hence, my interest (as of last night) in acquiring a weighted vest. Basically you put one one, slip in the weight disks and workout carrying the extra weight on your person. They are supposed to help with core strength and all that stuff, plus burn extra calories since you "fool" your body into thinking you weigh more than you do. And you get to look like a Delta guy from Black Hawk Down, but not. This is a very possible purchase once I find the right one. I'm sure the husband will apperciate me walking around the house in it while I wear my MBT trainers. Both could also double as effective birth control.

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