The Meaning of Life

The kid, who I consider blessedly average (occasionally above average) has been asking tricky questions for a few years now. I usually attribute this precociousness to too much Simpsons, but I've started to wonder just what really is going on in that brain of his.
When he wondering about religion, we were at a bit of a loss as to how to approach the subject. As the husband is a social Episcopal and I'm a lapsed Catholic neither of us feel like we can force religion on the kid. So we went to the bookstore and got him a copy of an Eye Witness book that covered the major world religions with easy to read text and lots of pictures and told him to take his pick. So far he's only developed an almost evangelical devotion to Pokemon.

Then the kid asked, "Mom, why am I here?"
To which I answered "Well. One night mommy and daddy had a little too much to--"
"No, no. I mean, why are we here. What's the reason for us being here."
To which I answered, "Why, to buy things of course!"
And now all he has to figure out is what to buy. Lucky for me, I've already have a growing list of things to contemplate.
Smooth and Easy: 
Who doesn't want to get rid of cellulite and tone their butts by doing nothing more than walking from the couch to the fridge? I do! I'm avowed anti flip flopper but these are, like, medicinal. And at under $50 I could see myself buying them and flapping around the house, walking the dog, but never wearing them to the supermarket or anywhere I'd have to make an excuse for my chipped pedicure.

Manual Labor:
Eradicating cellulite is, in my opinion, a great use of time and trouble. When a family member mentioned that Nivea Body Good-bye Cellulite Smoothing Cellulite Gel-Cream ("I slather it on like butter!" she said) had worked for her, I went out and got one for myself. Now, the bottle claims that a person will see results in two weeks which seems like a pretty fast turn around time for years of Diet Coke and Fritos consumption, but hey, I'm willing to put it to the test.
Big Deal:
I'm not a big bag person, but on my trip to Phoenix I realized it's better to have one roomy bag and not a series of small bags to haul stuff around in. Now, this ChloƩ Heloise bag is big (15.5" w by 14" high) and spendy ($1,670) but what I like is that...I like it. It has a small label--nothing too obvious like Coach is (over)doing lately--compartments to keep stuff separate, little feet so it doesn't sit directly on the floor. Now, I can confidently say there is no way in heaven or hell I'll be buying this bag unless I just go ahead and buy it and figure out what it all means later.

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