Conspicuous Consumption: Boots and Boots

When I first moved back to L.A. a couple of years ago I was horrified at the preponderance of nearly naked feet shoved into flip flops. Ugh. I can't wait for it to get too cold and wet so people need to cover their hooves. A decade in San Francisco taught me to appreciate sweaters, coats and comfortable footwear. With the colder temperatures in the future, I've turned my attention to swaddling my person in as many layers as possible. And I'm starting from the group up with boots.

Black boots with a low heel because the three pairs of brown boots I do own have tiny heels. I want boots I can clop around in, walk through puddles and kick down doors with if I have to. Here are some likely contenders and a few fantasy pairs I'd only consider if Life Over Easy does really, really, really well.

These, are from Banana Republic and look promising, even with the big buckle. Plus, they're on sale, $138 from $178. I love me some sale boots. I'm tempted just order them right now for that sole reason, but will hold off for as long as possible. I'm not sure if I need the 7.5 or 8 and I'm heading to the mall on Wednesday and can try them on in store if they have them. Phillipa at

They might seem so like the boot up top that the price difference would be any easy way to decide, but these Banana Republic boots are a little more, uh, dainty. If I had to choose between them, I'd go with these and most likely will. I might even get both pairs because I'm in that kind of a mood. At $173.60 (from $248) they're still a good price, I just really should see what they look like on before I whip out the Amex. Stella at

Now these Apepazza Ghepardo boots are a commitment because they have a definite style to them, at $302 not terribly expensive but still an investment. They're not plain and might dictate what I could wear with them, but since the plan is to dress differently (and better) they might be what I should be aiming for and not a pair that so safe. SKU#7349298 at

I love Delmans. I love their flats, I love their heels and I love these boots. They're long in the shaft, which I want, flat in the heel which I need and priced under $300 which I can justify. The only problem is they don't have them in my size. And they're suede which I secretly want even though they won't be moisture friendly. I'll keep looking, salivating and checking my amazon numbers on a regular basis. Preston, at

Sneer all you want, Nine West used to be my go to place for shoes. But somewhere along the way they dropped off my radar. Occasionally, I still wander in to see what they're offering but I've never been impressed enough by the styles or price to buy something even just to buy for fun. These boots are nice but so plain that even the $161 price seems a lot. I do like the cuff so I can fold it up and down to my liking, but these are a poor cousin to the Delmans up above. Kammella2 at

These Robert Clergerie boots would be perfect--PERFECT-- if they came in black and I'm lucky they don't. At $998.95, I'd have to do some fancy dancing to justify buying them to myself, the husband and the kid since the money would be coming out of his college fund for the next few months. My hope is they get them in black and Kelly Ripa picks up a copy of Life Over Easy so I can tell everyone I got them to wear on air. Rozen, at

Another pricey pair, these Taryn Rose boots at $695 are close to what I'm looking for. As an athletic gal with calves, the elastic panels on the sides promise a snug but doable fit. They might be a bit too casual for my plans but if I was one of those people who buys something just to wear with one thing, I'd strongly consider these before doing an intense search to find something similar for half the price. Stephali, at

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