Writitng Marathon: Day Two

I admit, I let myself get distracted by the tail end of Inside Man, a great Spike Lee movie about the perfect bank robbery and yet so much more, so I didn't get nearly as much writing done as I'd planned to. My flakiness notwithstanding, I did make a minor dent in my work load. I added a bit over 1,200 words to my Yet To Be Named Third Novel, bringing my word count up to 57,243 and I made if up to page 85. Things are pretty solid for the first 150 pages since I'd written them for the book proposal so I'm not surprised I'm not packing on the words. The real numbers will start to add up as I get to the last third of the book where things need a lot of frosting spackled on.

No news on the title front, but my editor asked for my author photo today. She wants to go with the official shot, head to the side, small pained smile on my face, because people (she says) like it. (Thank you, Ben!)

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