Writitng Marathon: Day One

Don't you just love it when people talk in excruciating detail about their jobs? I have vivid memories of my mother sitting at the dinner table, slack jawed and glassy eyed, while my father recounted his day starting from the moment she saw him off at 5am with his sack lunch in hand.

Many years later, I found myself in the exact same position after making the mistake of asking the husband how his day went. But I learned. Quick. Now I preface the question with "Did anything funny or interesting happen at work today." Invariably he says no and then we go back to reading our books or magazines at the table and picking at our dinner. (I've become a horrible and reluctant cook in the last year or so. You can almost taste the resentment in the food, but, fuck, I've been writing like a jackrabbit.) When he asks what I did during my day I say, "This and that." And when he asks for more details I add, "Well, a little more this than that but I expect tomorrow will be the exact opposite."

But all this is beside the point, not to mention slightly disturbing. Today is the first day of what sort of seems like the rest of my days, except now I have the added responsibility of a deadline with legal ramifications. My third manuscript is due on September 1st and as it currently stands, I should be mildly worried. It's at 54,944 words. I need to add another, say, 30,000. At least. And not just any words, good ones. Also, my lovely editor is putting me on the spot to think of alternative titles for the manuscript and I've drawn a complete blank.*

I won't be so dramatic as to say I'm choking, but it is getting a little hard to swallow at the moment.

At least I started my day out right. I got out of bed at 6:05am, worked out, didn't skip my paltry 15 minutes of yoga and plan to not give myself a choice not to do it again tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that because I also have 4lbs I want to lose by my birthday. (Oh, the pressure cooker that is my life!) Other than having to walk the dog, pee and eat, I have no excuse or reason to leave my desk. But I may take a break to do some push-ups and sit-ups.

This is going to be fun.

*I reached deep down and pulled up some suggestions. Paltry but a start and I'm sure the brain trust in New York will come up with some gumdrops of their own.

1. Missed Connections: I can't help but favor this one as the story is a series of missed connections between the two main characters.
2. Evelyn and Alexander: OK, this is a freebie. Her name is Evelyn and his is Alexander but they do go together nicely don't they?
3. Maybe Tomorrow: This pretty sums up my attitude toward romance. I'm all for putting off what you can do today, tomorrow. And most times, even the day after that.
4. It Could Be (Love): Because, you know, it could be.
5. More Than This: Like I said before, I'm going to suggest this title until someone tells me, outright, to cut it out. Plus, it's like a nude toned bra--it goes with everything.

A big thanks to the sister for lending me her brain power and the company that employs her for not being diligent in how she spends her working hours.

Oh, by the way, that's my brother (the brother). He's about 6'3" and works for a wine and spirits distributor. That picture was taken at the Robert Mondavi winery up in Napa Valley maybe three years ago where we had a private tour of the place, a slew of free wine and tasty food plus got to meet Mr. Mondavi himself who said some truly inspiring words I can no longer recall.

I don't drink, but I had a very good time and was so impressed to see my brother his dapper suit. He had called me up the night before (at the time we lived in San Francisco) real, REAL, drunk from the resort he and his cohorts were staying at and asked if I'd like to come with him to the dinner. Since we had dinner plans with the downstairs neighbors and fellow co-op owners, I said hell yes immediately. So the husband canceled on them and we drove up. I had a very nice time and realized my little brother was all grown up.

OK. Enough procrastinating. Time to work.

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