Writitng Marathon: Day Nine

I've finally reached the part of the manuscript where the word count is going to tally up like mad, as evidence I offer up the fact that I've written about 3,000 words in two days. I ended today at 66,613 (even though I usually am more superstitious) and at the rate I'm going, I expect to be done by Friday the 17th--two whole weeks before my due date. I'll chance to go over it again before my editor sees it and maybe even get away from my computer for what is it called? Oh, yeah, a long weekend in lieu of a vacation at the end of August.

I've been very good with my workouts (took the day off today, resuming as usual tomorrow) and I can feel the difference and if I squint very hard, almost see it too. Maybe I shouldn't have celebrate losing a pound (three more to go to my goal ceiling weight) by going going out and buying a grande soy chai iced latte, pack of Madeleines and Domino Magazine. I really should just subscribe to Domino instead of buying it off the rack.

Also, I've been invited to speak on a panel at the 22nd National Hispanic Women's Conference in Phoenix, AZ on September 14.

So, see, 66613 is not such a bad number to stop at. But just in case, I'm burning some sage and asking the neighbor if they have any holy water they can spare.

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