Would You Like Ham with Your Cheese?

Since the kid has come around, I mostly find myself behind the camera when it comes to picture taking time. So is it any wonder I've grown a bit rusty when it comes to posing? So I present my sad, awkward and obnoxious attempts at frustrating the husband who invariably snaps, "Stop posing!" when he points the camera in my direction.

Smiling is a defense mechanism in monkeys and me*:
*So is flinging poo, but this isn't that kind of blog.

Now, I suppose, there's nothing technically wrong with this picture. My eyes are open and, yes, this is pretty much what my hair always looks like, but I just look like I'm trying to relax and it's just making me tense up. See what happens when I don't pose? This picture is the equivalent of hearing your voice on tape and asking, "Do I really sound like that?" And everyone says, "Yes, that's what you sound like." So I suppose this is what I really look like which is a surprise to me. I was under the impression I was a freckle faced red headed boy living in 1930s Brooklyn. Though I would be so lucky to have this shot on my driver's license.

This picture was taken at a company picnic put on by the place where the sister works. It was held on a hot muggy day at the LA Equestrian Center. Her company always does a great job or at least spends the money so someone else can do a great job in organizing this. I'd just eaten a hot dog and eating hot dogs on someone else's dime always makes me happy. My one suggestion? Next time besides the human hamster balls, climbing wall, competitive bingo games and all you can drink beer bar, set up a tent and fill it with hammocks. Who doesn't like hammocks?

There are two things I don't like, well really three but they're all related: Being outside, being outside in the hot sun with no where to sit and being around people in the hot sun who are whining to sit down. The severity of my symptoms depend on the time of the month, but here I think I'm faking have a good time pretty well. In all fairness, I was having a good time, but I just wanted to go home. (Note: lower part of shot has been cropped out since I was flipping the husband the double bird. As my imaginary publicist said: "Margo, you don't want that kind of attention." )

I was born to be a Soviet era communist bloc super model:

This is my patent pending "look to the future, comrade" pose. You like?These pictures were taken during a recent trip to Knott's Berry Farm on the dime of the other sister's company who had their picnic there. We got there early and had some time to kill and the husband is very enamored of his camera, a big Canon digital thing with lenses. When I offered to bring my little (normal) sized camera, he scoffed. But I got the last laugh as he ended up with a bruise on his hip from having to lug around the camera bag all day.

Two words and an exclamation point for you: action shots!

And if you think this looks easy, you're wrong. Keeping one's arm at such an awkward and unnatural angle for seconds at a time really taxes the muscles. Lucky for me I was working with props (a tissue and lip balm) so it was easier for me to emote.

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