Free Books: Some Assembly Required

Life Over Easy is almost here and I think it's about time I part with the only two advance reader copies I have in my possession. Really, I have three but one I'm keeping for myself.

I'll be giving them away to the lucky persons whose names I pick out of hat, actually a paper bag but that doesn't sound nearly as exciting, on September 1st around lunch time.

If you're interested, just go to my handy Contact page and fill out the form and hit Send and you have as good a chance as anyone to win and uncorrected proof and cover flat of Life Over Easy and be the envy of a couple of your friends.

Assembly instructions:
One (1) ARC of Life Over Easy
One (1) Cover flat of Life Over Easy
One (1) Glue Stick, not included in prize package

Line up the back of the ARC with the bottom crease of the cover flat spine. Apply glue to spine of book and cover flat. Crease front of cover flat. (You may pre-crease the cover flat while doing a dry fitting. A dry fitting is advised but in these busy time, who really can make that kind of effort besides Martha Stewart's assistants?) Smooth cover flat spine to ARC spin to ensure good bonding. Do not apply glue to actual front or back flaps or you can if you want or you don't have to do this at all. It's really up to you.

Set aside and let dry. Then enjoy with the comfort and ease of not having to explain why you're reading a funny looking book or having the cover flap away in a gust of wind.

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