Family Life: Cooking Chores

Since I work from home, I get stuck with a lot of the domestic duties. I also get to dictate furniture choices and arrangements, color schemes and the like, but that just seems like work after the the initial thrill is gone.

I also do most of the cooking. When I don't cook someone else does it, but not the husband. When he is let loose in the kitchen he makes his signature "White Man Tacos."
Ground beef, quality and leanness of meat does not matter as much as what's on sale does
Sundry of spices or convenient package of "taco" spice.
Chopped onion
Fajita sized flour tortillas
Diced tomatoes
Lime juice either fresh or from the lime shaped plastic bottle
Salt and pepper to taste
Chopped iceberg lettuce
Bottled salsa, either red or green and what's on sale

Dump meat into Pam coated skillet, break up into smaller chunks and mix in spices. When almost brown add chopped onion and cook to an uniform greasy brown color.

Chop tomatoes, add lime juice, season with salt and pepper to taste in bowl. Set aside. Chop lettuce into strips and set aside in bowl.

Spoon meat mixture into middle of warmed flour tortilla (tortillas warmed in plastic bag with a spritz of water), ladle on tomato mixture and top with salad. At table pour on bottled salsa and bitch about forgetting pre-shredded orange cheese.)

Recently we went over for dinner at the mother-in-laws and she pulled out one of those George Foreman meat grills except it was by Wolfgang Puck and licketysplit, she slapped a meal on the table of nicely done meat, salad and corn.

I was so impressed by the tastiness of the beef (I'm not a cow flesh fan) and how easily it all came together that I went over to inspect the gadget and came to the conclusion I must acquire one of my own. So I did some research and have settled on the Cuisinart Griddler (left). It's kind of a stupid name and I'm sure one of the other options made by Cuisinart would fit the bill, but this is the one I've decided I want.

And once I get it, not only will I be able to prepare meat, but pancakes, sandwiches and sausages. I'm guessing not that the same time, but still. And the husband will appreciate the east of cleaning the contraption since the rule around my roost is if I cook, I don't have to clean up.

I'll get around to buying it in the relative future with the understanding I'll have to start buying cuts of beef to cook on it. I'm pretty clueless where meat is concerned, but an expert when it comes to sausage. I know my sausage. Trust me.

(Oh, and if the husband is reading this: Don't even think about presenting me with the Griddler for my birthday or I'll cook your sausage. Honey.)

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