The ebay Connection...

I was poking around, procrastinating as I'm inclined to do, when I came upon my next book for sale on ebay. Hey, it happens, but what caught my attention is it's happening almost seven weeks before the book is due to be in stores and officially for sale.

This particular ebay seller has 11 copies up for grabs at the buy now price of $6.94. Cheap! But when you add in the $7.99 shipping, the book ends up costing just under $15. I'm not sure if tax will be added on, but something tells me I won't be seeing a penny of any of it anyway so I shouldn't worry too much about the government missing out on their share of the pie.

I know selling ARCs (advance reader copies) and review copies on the sly is a big issue in publishing but now it's personal, damn it. So I've done what any self respecting author would do: I've emailed my editor's assistant and asked her if this is something I should get my panties in a bunch about.

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