Renovation: The Yard

We're just a few weeks past our one year anniversary in our not-so-new home and it looks like needed upgrades are finally going to happen--starting with the outside.

We're scheduled to meet next Tuesday with the landscape guy about ripping up the yucky deck off the kitchen and master to put in a nice patio area and grass (not my idea). So along with everything else I'm supposed to be doing, I'm now in charge of figuring out what I want the backyard to look like, what type of stone and wood for the steps, etc.

Since the husband is visual, I've slapped together a little plan using my ancient Sierra Home Architect 3.0. (Yes, I know. I was supposed to switch to BH and G Home Designer Suite but the learning curve on that software has been steeper than I hopped it would. Pathetic.)

Right now the color of the house is, I think, a buttery yellow with a weird mint trim. Eventually, I'd like to have it painted a silver gray green with charcoal trim which means the stone and wood for the stairs has to be picked out taking that into account.

We are considering the option of putting in a pergola here and in the side area by the living room and kitchen (it gets awful direct light and is just really rank looking and open right to the neighbors) but my hope is to just do the stone work on both yards and leave post markers for the pergola in the future.

OK, I've given up my lame idea of closing the kitchen door, leaving a doggie door access beneath the counter. But I'm hunting around for a nice door replacement that will look great and still accommodate a doggie door.

As for plants and such, my preference is super low maintenance. I'm thinking ornamental grasses and succulents. But that's a whole other research project that'll have to wait for now.

As the project gets going, I'll post before, during and after pictures because...I don't know why. Yesterday I spent 20 minutes reading a woman's blog on how she made slipcovers for her couch. They turned out real nice, by the way.

(Note: Because of life and responsibilities, I'll have to limit myself to blogging to once or twice a week for the rest of the summer. Maybe I'll even blog about something relevant to writing and life. Maybe not! Until then, your best bet for updates will be the News page on my site.)

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