Effusive Enthusiam: Flight of the Conchords

I've gone on a campaign to get as many people as I can addicted to Flight of the Conchords. I did it with The Office (US version), even bringing the German brother-in-law into the fold and I aim to do the same with this HBO show.

But it's proven a little more tricky because the show is very quirky, sometimes silly for the sake of being silly and I so throughly enjoy it I'm scary in my pontificating about its subtleties to people who claim they just don't get it.

The husband, for one, is having a hard time seeing what I see in it and has repeatedly asked me to stop singing some of the songs the two main characters Bret and Jermain break into during the episodes. I think he's just bitter that he can't enjoy something for the sake of it just being pleasant, kind of like dipping Sweet and Sour Charms lollipops into a cold cup of 7-up. Sometimes the ability to enjoy simple pleasures withers and dies in a person because they think they're all grown up and too sophisticated to enjoy a show about two New Zealand musicians living in New York. (Hey, I read The Atlantic and The New Yorker, I'm plenty grown up!) Either way, it just makes me sing louder. Especially when we're doing the forced family after dinner dog walk around the neighborhood.

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