Conspicuous Consumption: Cute Jackets

My sister works for a pretty big company, therefore she always has time to help me online shop. When I told her I want to wear a sweater over whatever top I ended up buying for my TV appearance next Saturday, she emoticon rolled her eyes at me. Ouch.

She then started sending me links fast and furious and as I'd finally finished chapter nine and am halfway into chapter ten of Missed Connections, I figured I could take a break, take a look and then blog about it.

All the jackets are from Nordstrom's and priced right, in the $50 range, which is perfect since I'm not going to drop a chunk of change on something I'm not entirely convinced will change my life forever. That's what shoes are for. Shoes and bras, money is never wasted when you go for quality in those departments. And yes, they're from the junior department, but wtf, I've seen plenty of woman who have a decade on me (in each direction) shopping there. So here a list a likely and unlikely candidates.

Sometimes my sister forgets I'm about four inches shorter and a cup or two sizes bigger than she is. So while this jacket might be perfect for her, it'd make me look dumpy. I can just tell. There are way too many details on the pockets, the yoke, the slightly puffed sleeves, both at the shoulder and wrists. And the round collar looks a little too cutesy for me. Plus the color is wrong. So not for me, but perfect for her. Sometimes my sister is self centered and cruel, but she means well.

There's one word for this jacket: CUTE. And I don't use that word lightly. I love the dots and I'm not a dot person, the shoes I got a few weeks back notwithstanding. I also love the fresh color, just enough of a pop of orange. The one drawback is that the pattern will look 'busy' on camera. I don't want to give people a headache, but it's a serious contender for me to buy and to add to my wardrobe since it'll look cute with jeans and I wear a lot of jeans nowadays. It so happens my sister owns this very jacket but in blue so she's going to bring it over this weekend for me to try on. And if if works and I like the color, she'll sell it to me. Isn't she nice?

I like this one because it's a single button, v-neck, something to keep in mind when you have boobs. Aside from the slight puffs at the shoulders, I can very well see myself buying this one because it is so safe and unfussy. What it'll come down to is the khaki color, if it's not the right shade for my skin tone, I'll have to forsake it. It does come in black but the producer asked that I avoid black, but still a bright but muted top underneath my be what saves the whole thing. (I'll leave the bracelets up to the professionals and you can tell this is a shot from the junior department--that model has NO hips.)

This one is my favorite, but I'm realizing it might have to do a lot with the color. I've been very into purple and gray, two colors I've been coming around to as of late after avoiding them for much of my life. I like the bottom a lot, but I'm thinking the round collar along with the gathering at the yoke and two buttons won't work. Maybe if I wear it open? But then that puts extra pressure to find the right top to wear underneath. It's still a contender and I'll give it a fair shot at winding up on my credit card.

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