And it's only Monday...

Where to start? I actually did stuff this weekend. It must be why I'm so exhausted, but I've also gone cold turkey off the chai, instant and otherwise.

Friday we did the whole Harry Potter midnight book thing, but when we realized we'd be at our local B&N until well after 2am before we'd get a copy of The Deathly Hallows, we packed it in 40 minutes after midnight even though the kid was more than willing to stay. But he's six so what does he know? We went back the next morning, where I picked up a purple cami at Nordstrom's to wear under my gray jacket for my appearance on Literary Speak later that afternoon. Since we're not quite done with The Half Blood Prince, the sister is speed reading the copy the kid paid for with his winnings from the B&N costume contest he won. The sister spent the weekend with her nose in the book, periodically glancing up to give me knowing looks. Bitch. I'm not at all interested in spoliers, but realize the only way I'll be able to remain completely ignorant is to take the book, the kid and check into some desert motel for a few days.

As for the taping, I did my own make-up because I just didn't want to be bothered with going anywhere, I needed a nap real bad, and met some very nice people at the KPAS studios in Pasadena. I wasn't very nervous but as this was my first time doing something like this, I was a little dorky. The husband, who watched with the kid from the control room monitors, said, "You looked a bit shiny but you didn't look fat." Someone was looking to get laid that night! Not.

On Sunday we enjoyed the benefits of the sister's Yahoo! employ by attending their yearly picnic were knees were scuffed, bbq was eaten and sunburns were to be had a plenty. In a couple of week's we'll be hitting the other sister's company picnic at Knott's Berry Farm but not partaking in their famous fried chicken since it's not included in the company buffet--or booFet as my mother says. We rounded up the weekend by going over to my parents' for yet more bbq, cake and presents to celebrate the kid officially turning 7. As he put it, "I liked 6 better." Little does he know.

And currently, there is a crew of about four or five guys tearing up the back, side yards and drive way and I have to meet the husband in a couple at the local builder's supply to pick out some stone, quick like. Which means I won't be able to fit my workout in and I'm uncomfortable showering so I'll have to hang out in my workout clothes until everyone leaves.

What could be more conducive to writing? I'd have to say the chai withdrawal headache compliments the whole thing rather nicely.

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