I Don't Care!

She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is back out on the streets of Los Angeles and if it weren't for the Yahoo! news item I glanced at while checking movie listings, I would be none the wiser. I have no interest in reading or hearing about her experiences in the slammer or watching her E! "reality" show, she's just never interested me much. (And she's the main reason I turned sour on Guess clothes and shoes, that and I'm just too old to wear stuff like that anymore. By the way its the same reason I won't buy Tommy Hilfiger anything--no matter how cute and marked down those flats were at Nordstrom Rack. After seeing his daughter cavorting on her short lived MTV series, I decided right then and there that I had no desire to contribute to the upkeep on her existence. See? Sometime marketing backfires, people.)

My mother, though, was of the opinion that SWMNBN got a raw deal and was being picked on because of her notoriety, as she tactfully put it. This is the woman who chased me around the kitchen with a dish towel when I suggested, well into my earl 20s, that perhaps it would be hypocritical of me to wear white to my wedding. My Mom thought we, the media, the world should cut SWMNBN some slack because...well she never gave a real reason why. What this says to me is my mother is watching too much television, especially E!. (She also has a soft spot for the ladies on The Girls Next Door.)

So yeah, things have changed. This is news and news that will be covered to death.

My sister commented to me this past weekend, when Tony Blair's long goodbye came up, that she remembered Margret Thatcher being much more present in the news when we were growing up. I attributed it to lack of cable channels and network TV having to compete with them for brain cells. Of course, back then we were all worried about being nuked by the evil Soviet Union so we had less time for the frivolity and fun that comes with celebrity obsession. Not that I want to go back to those days, but isn't kind of pathetic that non-news like a midnight jail release, the flashing of a "famous" chocha and passing out in front of paparazzi is something we know and sort of car about?

And I can only type all of this because I have not succumbed to my burning desire to subscribe to US Weekly. I have the moral high ground, at least for now.

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