Short-lived Bliss: My Peferct Saturday

Yesterday was as close to a perfect day as I have had in a long time. The husband and the kid were out for the day and I had the whole place to myself. (Sure, this happens for much of the week, but on those days I am supposed to be working so I can never enjoy myself when I wander away from my desk to do whatever I want. I feel I have to be productive so even if I do turn on the TV on a Tuesday at 11, it's because I'm folding a small mountain of laundry.)

My mom and sister stopped by and we went out for lunch, then to do some obligatory Father's Day gift shopping and I stopped in at the bookstore to pickup a paperback copy of Gone for Good by Harlan Coben. (I have a limited appetite for thrillers but after reading a profile of Coben in Atlantic Monthly, I decided to give into the urge to read something fast, fun and out of my norm. Since last night I've gobbled up a third of the book and will be passing it on to my sister--trust me, Coben won't hurt for the lost royalties--and I'll be treating myself to other books by him in the future when the craving hits.)

I also engaged in another solo past time--I watched movies. I rented Breech, Breaking and Entering and Catch and Release. So after I saw my company safely out the door, I kicked the dog off the couch and popped in Catch and Release with Jennifer Garner and throughly enjoyed myself and it. It was funny, bright, not too sweet and I could even stomach the happy ending*. Usually, I have to drag the husband to these kinds of movies and he ends up enjoying them more than I do, but for whatever reason, Catch and Release hit the spot and reminded me that sometimes relationships, though complicated, don't have to be such a drag.

Not that I'm going to start slapping conventional endings on to my own stories. Nope. It's just that (how can I say this without sounding hormonal?) the whole falling in love process can actually be a really wonderful thing.

At least in the movies.

*Very unlike my reaction to Music & Lyrics starring Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. Spoiler Alert: The ending, and the middle, was forced and, well, yucky. I would have liked that movie a whole lot better if they would have kept things strictly professional.

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