Renovation: Kitchen

OK. I admit I read the Thursday New York Times Home & Garden section a little too closely. Today they had a story on kitchen renovations and I was inspired to turn my hate of our kitchen into to some proactive procrastination. (For the sake of not triggering my OCD, I've limited my plans to just the base cabinets and I forgot the window over the sink, but it's there now, but I'm not sure if it'll be there in the final plan.)

What do I hate? Where do I start. First and foremost the layout sucks. As you can see below the stove/oven, sink, dish washer and lazy freakin' Susan are all bunched in one corner. (I didn't include top cabinets but the glasses are kept to left above the sink so that adds to the congestion.) Cosmetically, I'm not at all into granite and the counters are lousy with it. It doesn't help that the cabinets are this weird yellowish wood color. All around yuck. Oh, and the floor (HATE) is white ceramic tile. But these last few things are cosmetic and I could easily paint the cabinets, ignore the counter tops and harangue the husband into giving the floor a good scrubbing on a regular basis. But that would do nothing for the bad layout.

When I first starting thinking about re-doing the kitchen, I tried to be practical and said I'd be happy with just replacing the appliances and painting the cabinets. (The counter tops are fairly new and in great shape.) But not anymore. Thanks to The New York Times I now realize I deserve to have the kitchen, maybe not of my dreams, but one that works a lot better for everyone who has to set foot in it. Of course, changing the kitchen around (getting rid of that door for one) will mean changes in the adjoining rooms, but I have plans for those too! As for the cosmetic stuff and doohikeys, that will involve some research, debating and time, two of the three things I should be currently using for writing Missed Connections. Now this is just a very rough plan. It may well turn out that the contractor and husband may have ideas and reality to inject into the whole scheme. But I don't care. After all, it's my fantasy layout, not theirs.

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