Movies on My Mind

Summer may not be officially here, but movie theaters are easing into summer hours and that's reason alone for me to look forward to the heat, the kid being home, the dog shedding and the husband complaining about wanting to take a camping trip knowing I'll never agree to it.

I'm not one of those people who can't do things like go out to lunch alone (that's why books were invented) and I actually prefer shopping alone--no dead weight to slow me down. And there's nothing better than nipping out before noon to a movie and getting back to my desk with enough time to catch up on email and work before the kid comes home from day camp. (Oh, yeah, he so is going to day camp.)

Traditionally Wednesdays are my Fun and Fancy Free Days (I usually wind up running errands) but I'm going to make it a point to see a movie a week just to get out of the house and sit in the dark alone.

What could be better?

What I plan to see*:
1. Knocked Up (had to walk out 20 minutes in. Yes, it was a mistake to take the kid.)
2. Ocean's 13 (best viewed alone so no one can blame you for wasting their time.)
3. License to Wed (most likely will watch this with my sister.)
4. Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix (will be seeing with the kid, sister and whoever else wants to come along. No hiding behind the kid for me--I'm really looking forward to it. I LOVE you, Neville!)
4. The Simpson's Movie (yes, I'll be taking the kid. He was raised, for better or worse, on TS)
5. The Bourne Ultimatum (And I'll be buying the DVD to complete my dork set.)
6. Superbad (read a mini interview with the main guy and he was so freakin' funny. Plus, I'll make my nephew go with me just to torture him.)

I've left off the assorted kid-centric movies since, if I can't get out of it, I'll have to go to those or risk having the husband give me dirty looks and the kid saying "But don't you want to spend time with me, mommy?" The husband and kid are all hot and bothered by Transformers. Not me. The toy tie-ins are cheap plastic. I remember when they were made of cast metal or whatever and almost impossible to reconfigure unless you were a idiot savant or my brother.

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