Food: Eating In

I was going to title this entry "Eating Out" but I figure you all are just as big of a pervert as I am and I don't, like, want to alienate too many people with with my adolescent naughty talk.

Either way.

I wrote a guest blog submission for WOW! Women on Writing (not sure when it'll be up) about how I'd taken to celebrating feats big and small with food and decided it was time for me to stop. So I've decided to limit my meals out (which mostly happen at dinner and on weekends) and start cooking (again) on a regular basis.

And what does this mean? Thought, commitment and planning. But you know what? I actually enjoy eating the food I make. I know what goes into it and I can make a bit extra to have for lunch the next day. Which is not a bad thing to do especially since the ladies at my local Subway don't even wait anymore for me to tell them my order before they start slapping it together.

So yesterday my sister came over and took me to a warehouse sale where I bought FIVE pairs of flats* (to join the three pairs I bought on Wednesday) and I said to her, "Come back to my house and I'll fix you a tasty and healthy late lunch/early dinner."

While she entertained the kid by playing Playmobil knight wars on the living room floor, I chopped, sautéed, seasoned and simmered. When I was done I'd made a big pot of what Cooking Light calls Tuscon Chickpea Soup along with a delicious spinach salad (minus the red onions but with walnuts and goat cheese). The soup isn't much to look at and I didn't have any Parmesan cheese, but it was so good and good for us.

Now the work comes in having to do it all over again most nights of the week. I will and I'll thank myself for it later.

*When the husband got a look at them he said, "The reason why they were there is because no one wanted them." To which I answered, "They were $120 retail. At that price I wouldn't want them either but at $15 freaking dollars I want them in bulk."

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