Conspicuous Consumption: Shopping

I did it. I ordered the coat I'd been eyeballing at the coaxing of my sister. As she predicted, it went down in price, so I said, why the hell not?! It should be arriving in the next few days and none too soon, the weather outside is so gloomy.

To compliment my coat, I'm planning on checking out (and this pains me to admit) Sarah Jessica Parker's line of clothes, Bitten, when they come out at the end of the week at Steve and Barry's. I'd never gone in because I was under the impression they only sold oversized sport jerseys. I wandered in the other day and was pleased to discover an alternative to Old Navy for my workout Ts.

I'm also in the market for a new brown leather bag. The one I got, after returning the Christmas Coach purse the husband gave me, is no more. It was a simple right shade of brown small tote (also from Coach) and it got mangled somehow. I had no choice but to dispatch it to the trash. Man, was I bummed, but I'm eying one from Club Monaco.

Lastly, this weekend has renewed my love for flats. I own a limited amount of shoes with heels and I made the mistake of wearing a pair of very nice wedges to the book fair on Saturday. They made me look tall (almost as tall as my sister who is 5'9") and they also made it pretty hard to walk on the grass where the La Opinion tent was located. So I'll be reserving the heels for those events when I won't have to walk much and devote myself to finding the perfect pair of red flats for my everyday life.

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