Conspicuous Consumption: Media

I've been entertaining the idea of getting a small TV and DVD player for my office to compliment a possible Netflicks subscription. (Either I'll get all three or none.) Right now I listen either to my iPod or radio stations over the Roku SoundBridge I took from the husband. (He had it in the garage. The garage to listen to it while he puttered around doing man stuff.)

I grew up in a big noisy family so I need background noise to keep me focused and from going insane. (It can be a bit distracting, I admit, but only when I'm really listening. Like right now. I'm keeping an ear out for Terry Gross to intro the Soprano finale recap.)

My big plans for the summer is to finally finish up my office, including hanging art, doing a tone-on-tone paint treatment on the walls, and buy a low shelf unit for the blank wall across from me which would be perfect to perch a modestly sized LCD screen in front of. Why would I want to watch movies while I work? Lots of reasons!

Movies will keep me company and at my desk. Right now I have to wander into the living room to do my daytime TV watching and since I can't type on my laptop keyboard, it cuts into my productivity. Plus, just like with books and magazines, movies are a big part of where I find inspiration and help me get through those days when I'm just not feeling the keyboard love. (That's for you Arthur the Tax Guy.)

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