Confession: Flat Addiction

There are two things I can't do. Actually there are more, but these two I don't mind admitting to. One: I can't apply eye make-up besides mascara. I'm woefully inept when it comes to shadow and liner and I blame this on a chronic lack of Seventeen, YM and Sassy magazines during my teens. (I also blame you, mother, for letting me bury my nose in books when I should have been reading glossy primers on how to be a proper teenager.) Second: I'm hopeless when it comes to high heels. I own a few pairs, six to be exact. Though I'd only consider wearing five of them out in public--the other pair is, uh, for special occasions when I don't expect to do much walking.

The rest of my shoes are, well, flat. I own, gosh, at least 25 of 'em. (I'm rounding off because some I don't wear that often--or, uh--ever--and I really am uncomfortable admitting I own so many shoes. Not counting the three pairs of brown boots I just remembered about.) It may sound like a lot of shoes but since they're flat they don't take up much space and so I added three new additions to my collection yesterday.

My main intention was to buy a pair for everyday wear but then as I looked around I realized how boring my everyday shoes are. I wandered around Zara down at Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade and I said to myself, "My life is boring, but it doesn't mean my shoes have to be." And so here are the three pairs that I expect to liven up my life.

Now I'm only putting these first (it's too early to have a favorite amongst the three) because I wore them this morning to take the kid to school and walk the dog. It also happens to be the pair most liked by the husband and the kid. Yes, I asked their opinion only because I wanted to show them off, not because it really matters what they think about my shoes.

Now these don't look as nearly cute they really are. Really! And I don't care that these were the least well received of the three pairs I showed off this morning. When I tried them on at Zara, I knew immediately they'd look super-cute with jeans and very simple dresses. (Like the one I just got at Steve & Barry's by SJP's Bitten line.) I swear they're, really cute, it's my picture taking skills that are lacking.

These I really like. Really, really. Even the fabric flower on the front and I usually don't go for such girly flourishes, but it's the reason they first caught my eye. The price of $39 was the second. With this pair, I'll be a little more careful as scuffing danger is high (they already got a little mark on the toe), but I'll be breaking these out when I feel dumpy and sallow. Hey, I may look like crap but at least my shoes will be looking good.

And really, isn't that the whole point of a new pair of shoes?

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