Sporadic Commentary: Prom Babies

Last Monday Dear Abby ran a letter from a mom who said her daughter had clued her in on a trend (which might be too strong a word) of girls getting knocked up on prom night to avoid the stress and responsibilities of going to college and, like, becoming adults. Even if this isn't true (some sort of urban myth?) if it's happened even a handful of times it's pretty amazing and I can't wait for the Lifetime movie staring Tori Spelling!

But seriously. How stupid can a person (even a teenage person) be to think having a kid is easier then college, even a good college? I guess if your kid (male or female) is dumb enough to have sex without using protection and she is delusional enough to think fertilization is the answer to all her potential success angst, you've got issues in your home that even a marathon of 7th Heaven can't solve.

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