The Search for the Perfect Dress

I have not one but four upcoming events in the next few weeks where I'll have to look presentable. And one thing I've discovered is I don't have a go-to outfit that looks good and doesn't make me feel like I'm selling real estate.

So I'm on the lookout for the perfect ensemble that I'll be able to wear and, more importantly, like to wear. Here are two contenders:

Despite being described on the Anthropologie site as being a gold metallic linen, I really like it. I'm not a gold clothes type of gal, but the shade, at least online is very pretty. The price is not so high that I'll feel eternally guilty buying it and I can see myself wearing it a lot.

This one I really like dress, also at Anthropologie. The color and simple cut and the pin tucks at the waist make it special. But even though it's less flashy than the gold dress, it seems way more formal.

I could wear pants, I have very nice Club Monaco trousers, and it might be easier to find a nice top. And I might for one of the evening events and the talk I'm due to give at my junior high, but for the June 2 book fair, I want to wear a dress. Whatever I end up wearing, I'm going to make double sure I like. There's nothing worse then buying something, wearing it and knowing in the back of your mind you'll never wear it again. Like when I was forced to buy maternity pants. I walked into Pea in the Pod and found a pair of black pants, shelled out the $200 and burst into tears on the sidewalk. I just hated having to spend so much for pants I was blah about and would only be able to wear a few months. Man, I was a bitter pregnant lady.

And these are the things I think about instead of writing.

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