Martha Makes Good

I'm not one of those people who dislikes Martha Stewart because she's just so Martha Stewart. Don't get me wrong, I find her a tad scary buts that's only because she makes me realize just how much I could accomplish in a day and don't.

Every now and then I find myself on her site looking for solutions to my burning decoupage and felting questions. It's also where I go when I need to send flowers.

Martha's Flowers has come through for me in the past, once on short notice when my mom bonked her head and suffered a minor concussion, and what I pointed and clicked on and then was delivered to whomever's front door was just as promised. So for this Mother's Day my sister and I spent a good half an hour debating flower choices. My sister said tulips, I was more in the mood for oddly colored roses, but my sister pointed out there are roses all over the yard and tulips would be special. So I ordered the the Rai and Webber tulip bouquet (above) and vase and sat back assured I'd done half of my duty. (Even though I'm a mom, I'd still have to make the trek over on Sunday to pay homage to the lady. And she'd have to cook something for us to eat because she's a mom. Hey, I don't make the rules I just follow them when I feel like it.)

I got the email saying they'd been delivered as promised on Friday morning (there's no Sunday delivery, but for an extra $10 I could have had them arrive on Saturday or use that money for the vase and she'd get them on Friday. Two extra days of enjoyment was my reasoning behind sending them early.) I called a few hours after receiving the delivery notice because she was tardy in phoning in her effusive thanks only to find out the tulips were looking droopy, sad and not long for the living room coffee table.


So this morning I exercised my consumer rights, dialed the 1800 number and was a little freaked out to hear Martha's voice in my ear. It might have only been a recording but it made me sit up straighter. Once the very helpful and polite rep answered the phone, after little delay, she apologized and arranged for my mom to receive a replacement bouquet at the earliest date possible. (I'm sorry but that won't be until Tuesday," she said.) Like I said, Martha is scary efficient and so are the people who work for her and this is why she'll continue to get my flower ordering business.

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