In the Works...

So I bitched and moaned in my essay about feeling like my efforts to reach out to my community were going nowhere, but I still can't help myself. Yesterday I had a nice chat with Jessica and Gwen down at the Culver City Library and there's talk of me participating in a short story workshop for the teens who spend their summers with their noses in books. If all goes as planned we'd have a literary magazine written by the kids to show for their efforts. This sounds like a great idea to me and a good way to get me away from my computer this summer. If it works out, I'd like to propose it to a few other libraries. But I'm getting ahead of myself. As usual.

For now I'm focusing on my rewrite, waiting to hear about the fate of two proposals and gearing up to go back to junior high at the end of the month. I've also found out I'll the sole and featured author at La Opinion's booth at the June 2nd Feria del Libro. So now I have lots of things to freak out about. At least it'll keep me from bitching and moaning about other stuff.

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