I'd Rather...

...be in Paris, Tokyo or even Kauai (which I vowed to take a break from after our last 10-day trip).


Because I'm getting that feeling, the burnout one. Like I'm suddenly going to run out of ideas. And the conversations I continually have in my head, which usually lead to words in a manuscript, are getting thin and forced. The funny thing is, I've been unusually productive lately. Maybe that's the problem. I've turned myself into a writing machine--work is prolific but not personal.

The best solution to this impending crises is a trip, not a vacation since I don't need to relax. What I want is stress, the good kind, of having to navigate unfamiliar streets, try different food and see people and the places they take for granted. Of course, a trip won't be happening anytime soon. The kid is in school, I'm waiting for word on two proposals that may have to be turned into full fledged novels in the next coming weeks (months, please) and I've already decided to put any money I come into toward new windows. (So sexy!)

I know! I'll rent a movie. It'll only cost about $4 and I don't have to leave my couch. Amelie should take care of Paris, Lost in Translation for Tokyo and, well, Kauai will have to wait for another time. There are only so many hours in the day I can commit to the couch.

Problem solved.

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