Confession: Magazine Addiction

I probably look forward to the mail carrier coming around a little too much. Yesterday, though, was not one of those days. I was pretty disappointed to discover not one tasty magazine in the mix to lead me astray for an hour or so before I had to pick up the kid at school. Besides junk mail and a couple of bills, there was only an issue of Golf Magazine (wtf?) for the husband who doesn't play golf (sober) and would never settle down with a magazine on golf for fun.

So it's time I take stock of my magazine subscriptions and see where I'm falling short.

Allure: This is a guilty pleasure that only lasts about half an hour, tops. Pretty pictures, leads on breaking beauty crap, celebrity friendly stories and, oh, fashion stuff. I only glance at the fashion spreads, and mostly skip the personal essays all together, but it's a fun magazine and always a good excuse to kick back on the couch for a little while.

The Atlantic Monthly: I always get a little thrill when I pull this one of the mailbox. I like it so much it's actually cut into the time I spend reading novels. I tried to get my sister to read a couple stories but she said they made her brain hurt (she's into true-crime and such), but that doesn't mean the magazine is dense and chewy. It's well worth the effort and the subscription price.

The New Yorker: Another favorite. I've taken to reading the short stories just to get my fiction fix. I was especially entertained by their recent fashion issue. And it just goes to show that great writing can make what should be a fluffy subject brainy.

New York Magazine: The reason I first subscribed to NYM was to get clued into the whole Manhattan mentality when I was pitching agent and editors. There's always something to read and I enjoy the vicarious sense of living a certain lifestyle I neither have the funds no the energy to pursue in real life.

The Week: Though I've enjoyed it, I'm letting this subscription end. I mainly got it for the husband, figuring even his attention span could digest it's short articles, but I was wrong. It's a great magazine for people who want an idea of what's going on around the world but can't spare the time to really chase after the information.

Time Out New York: I got this on the suggestion of a New Yorker and, though, I enjoy it here and there, it's a magazine I flip through immediately when I get it and then 15 minutes later is in the recycling pile. I won't be renewing it.

Vanity Fair: I've been getting this magazine for years and aside from not being too interested in the yearly music issue, I'm always surprised at how timely it can be even though stories are written weeks and months in advance. The writing is top notch and makes the most of its sometimes frivolous subjects.

Newsweek: Tuesdays aren't the same if Newsweek is late (and sometimes it is). A great source for news event analysis, topical and current.

In Style: I just resubscribed because I had to admit it would be cheaper then buying them off the stand. I'd tell myself it was an impulse purchase, a treat, but I was lying to myself. If I'm picking up a copy of a magazine every month for six months straight, I might as well get it shoved in my mailbox.

Los Angeles Magazine: Hey, I live here, not New York. The current issue is on the coffee table and I'll be sending in a subscription card with today's mail.

US Magazine: I've purchased two copies off the newsstand since I let my subscription die as my New Year's resolution of 2005. In it's place I spend about 30 minutes a day visiting gossip blogs as I drink my morning chai. But this last time, man, I had to admit that US is chock full of stuff. I'm not sure if I'll subscribe and I'll avert my eyes at the check out counter to avoid temptation, but there is a strong possibility I'll be falling off the wagon in the near future. I'm only human.

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