Brush with Celebrity

I live in a pretty quiet part of Los Angeles, so unassuming the area verges on dorky. But today on my way back to my car after treating myself to an omelet for lunch at the local diner, I realized just because my neighborhood has a cool quotient of zero, it doesn't mean that I'm not in LA.

And what's so very LA about LA? How about a swarming horde of SUV driving paparazzi chasing a SUV driving celebrity. Or in this case the celebrity was riding in the back of a SUV. About ten to a dozen cars and even more photographers pulled into the parking lot and surrounded the first SUV, taking pictures through the tinted windows like crazy. A few of them left their cars running right where they stopped not caring about the regular people trying to pull in and out and back to their normal lives. A couple of body guard types emerged, stood around looking impassive while guys (and they were mostly male) buzzed around frantically.

And then, just as suddenly, everyone hopped back into their vehicles and continued on their way in a grotesque convoy of sorts. It wasn't glamorous, frankly it was kind of sickening. A mini-feeding frenzy over someone who didn't get out of the car. I can't imagine what would have happened if whoever they were chasing would have been brave (or dumb) enough to try something as normal as having a late lunch at an OK diner.

But just the same, I'm still very likely to shell out for a subscription to US Magazine.

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