Bad Reviews: It's Part of the Job

I got my first bad review on Amazon, but not my first blah one. When I shared the news with Kate Perry, she, positive as always, said "...your bad amazon review means you've arrived. :) Congratulations. You've joined the ranks of all big authors." While I appreciate her kind words, it just reminds me that what I wrote is not going to be liked by everyone.

One bad review (or twenty) isn't going to keep me from truly enjoying the whole experience of publishing my first book. I've learned so much from it all, even how to be a better and more careful writer. Misconceptions about UIA are out of my control. Though I didn't write it as a chica lit book, a happy romance or even traditional chick lit, people will form their own opinions and hopefully they'll enjoy UIA for what it is. Sure there are a hundred things I wish I could have done better and I'll come out and say it, I don't like the cover image, but it's my book and will always hold a special place in my heart.

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