Underneath It All in Pictures

Aside from eating and signing copies of UIA while in San Francisco last week, I took a trip down memory lane thanks to my friend Yvonne. She picked us up for brunch at Savor (Noe Valley) which was/is one of my favorite places to eat any meal of the day. (Yes, they make crepes.) While we were driving around I pulled out my camera and snapped shots of some of the places that pop up in the pages of UIA.

Casa Sanchez (2778 24th Street)

It was open! And not only that, there was a band playing music in the patio. Unfortunately, I'd just eaten and couldn't justify trying to cram more food in my stomach.
UIA Mention: Page 16 where Jacqs and Bina get together for an early lunch. (The first of three lunchtime appointments Jacqs has that day.)

The French Tulip (3909 24th Street)

French Tulip (I'm too busy to bother with the The) is located right next to Savor. The husband used to send me flowers from here.
UIA Mention: Page 216 where Jacqs goes in to check on the flowers for the Mayor's home and she has a very enlightening conversation with Megan, the florist.

Gumps (135 Post Street)

The husband used to shop for presents for his mom here all the time. They have some really interesting stuff (nothing I'm into but good for moms and bosses). He once gave her what I can only refer to as a decorative spade since it had no practical applications in the garden. As I was in a bitchy mood I said it would be more apropos to give her a broom.
UIA Mention: Page 245 where Jacqs has to return horrid harlequin clowns Mrs. Mayor had purchased for some ungodly reason.

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