UIA in The Washington Post

I got a great mini-review by Claudia Deane in The Washington Post's Sunday Book World:

Underneath It All By Margo Candela Kensington. 345 pp. Paperback, $14
Reviewed by Claudia Deane
Sunday, April 15, 2007; BW11/The Washington Post

Three things make Jacquelyn, the crude, funny, occasionally amoral heroine of Margo Candela's first novel stand out in a crowded genre. One is that, though she's a free-speaking, free-thinking young divorcee, her main romantic relationship is platonic. Two, she's Mexican-American, part of a claustrophobic nine-person California family. And, three, she doesn't wind up with a man.

Underneath It All is set in San Francisco and peopled with a fairly hilarious, if sometimes stereotypical, group of characters. Jacquelyn, a politics-loving Berkeley grad, has somehow ended up employed by the former-soap-star wife of the city's ambitious mayor. Not only does she live in the bizarre bubble of a celebrity personal assistant, but her best friend, an Indian-American doctor, is freaking her out by "allowing her parents to essentially arrange her marriage to a man she's known only a few weeks." Mr. Mayor is ominously flirting with his (unhappily) married press secretary; and Jacquelyn's Oprah-watching mother is swamping her with waves of family guilt. The book is written in short chapterlets, perfect for its quick and quirky plot.

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