Pennies In My Pocket

There are a few things a visitor to San Francisco should expect to see: cable cars, of course, steep streets lined with charming buildings, fragrant homeless people and tip jars.

After moving from San Francisco back to Los Angeles it took me months to get used to putting my change into my pocket and not a tip jar. I'd gotten used to seeing tip jars everywhere, from small family owned sandwich shops, chain restaurants and just about everywhere else where a service was provided.

People in San Francisco expect to be tipped and they're not shy about it. (Check out the picture, left, that's a pretty hard jar to miss.) Tipping isn't mandatory, of course, and I admit, I was less inclined to tip with abandon this visit just because a tip jar was prominently displayed on the counter. Nowadays I reserve my tipping sit down restaurants and the woman who cuts my hair, but I'm always a little surprised at the lack of tip jars in LA. As much as I miss the sights (and smells) of San Francisco, I can't say I miss the tip jars.

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