Sporadic Commentary: Shopping with SuperTweens

I've gone out of my way to keep my blog as apolitical and rant free as possible, but there are times when even my bland outlook is forced to focus on something that really gets my panties in a bunch. And this story in The New York Times about label loopy tweens (that age between playing dolls and asking for a boob job) out at a hoity-toity mall on a parent approved shopping spree really made me so happy that I popped out a fetus with a penis. There is a difference between boys and girls and girls from when I was one myself. (I even wrote about it way back on February 1st.)

A disclaimer: I like nice things. I haven been known to buy nice, stupid things (jars of Creme de la Mere, $20 hair gel and jewelry from Tiffany's because I don't want to bother going anywhere else that I have to wonder about the quality), but after I do, I move on with my life. And, I like to think, my things are just things not me or a reflection on me. Hair gel is hair gel and the stuff from Target works just as well. Plus, Tiffany's? Yawn. Who doesn't own something from there these days? My kid, though a boy, is plenty materialistic or as materialistic as we let him. But I'd never tolerate such a flippant attitude toward money and spending it or such a slavish and unthinking devotion to labels. At least not while he's spending my money.

Anyway, reading this story just made me realize that some people (maybe, especially these tweens who aren't fully formed yet) just have way different priorities in life. I doubt these girls are going to change much as they mature into adulthood. They like expensive crap and they have the luxury of not worrying about how it's paid for. I'm just glad I'm not their mother and I can only hope my son will never date anyone like them.

What would we talk about it? Creme de la Mere?

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