Last Night, This Weekend

I had a great time at the private book signing for the LA Metro branch of the National Women's Caucus last night and one big reason was it was at one of my favorite places ChimMaya. I sold a few books and met a lot of interesting women (and a couple of men) and was energized to see a group of people really committed to making a difference on all levels of government.

Since New York isn't on my horizon until summer, I'm using a portion of my airfare credit for a trip up to San Francisco. It'll be my first since we moved a couple of years ago and I can't wait. I have it all planned out. Sort of. I'll get to see all parts of the city as I make my way to bookstores that are carrying UIA, eat at all my favorite places and see my favorite people. I also plan to start laying the ground work for later this year to do book signing with my old writing support group, a good many of us have gone on to get published since our first meeting at the Canvass Cafe, right off of Golden Gate Park, in October of 2004. More info on this to come in the future.

Check back next week for lots of photos and rundown of what I did in San Francisco.

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