It's Not Just Me, Is It?

As usual, I'm reading/skimming my daily allotment of advice columns when I'm intrigued by the dilemma in today's Since You Asked ( It seems this person has moved from New York proper to San Diego, of all places. Hilarity ensues. Actually, not. This person is pretty miserable--for understandable reasons. San Diego is a nice place to live. Too nice for some people.

And what sage words does Cary Tennis have: "You come here chasing dreams and fleeing nightmares. Name them. Name the dreams. Name the nightmares. Give them shape and form. Then go home."

Cringe. Nails on a chalk board cringe. I'm still recovering from reading it. (My eyes were magnetically drawn to this line so, being honest here, I have no idea if Tennis bothered to offer any real advice.) Reading stuff like this makes me wish people kept journals and kept them to themselves. Ugh.

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