Confession: Chai Addiction

It's becoming a bit of an issue, my preoccupation with Target's Archer Farms Instant Spiced Chai mix. I currently have three boxes of the stuff (six packets per box) in my possession. Yesterday I went to Target with the husband and kid, just to keep them company, and I beelined straight for the food part of the store and grabbed a box. The husband gave me a look. He's seen this kind of behavior before.

Arguably, this particular addiction is much healthier than my last--Nutella. It started innocently enough, with a dessert crepe at a certain restaurant. Soon I began to insist on going there when we went out to eat. When that didn't happen enough, I started making my own crepes at home. (The husband unwittingly enabled my addiction by giving me a Le Creuset crepe pan complete with the wooden rĂ¢teau which really makes me work for each damn crepe.) When I couldn't be bothered to mix the flour, milk, egg and sugar, I started slicing up Granny Smith apples and scooping the stuff out straight from the jar. When I ran out of apples, I discovered grapes, speared at the end of a fork, are just as tasty.

I knew I had a problem when, one night, we had friends over for dinner and they brought a long dessert and I couldn't wait for them to leave so I could be alone with my Nutella. After that I weaned myself off the stuff, realizing I had a slight problem. It wasn't easy. Withdrawal from it actually gave me the shakes. But I did it. And there's currently a jar of the stuff in my pantry, used only for crepes and since I'm to lazy to make them, there it has stayed. (Of course now all I can think about is pulling the shades down, finding something stupid to watch on TV and sticking my finger in it until the jar is wiped clean.)

But anyway.

This weekend I had three cups of chia, two in one day. But it just wasn't the same. Instead of feeling relaxed and happy, I was annoyed. Why? Because I realized not only am I addicted to the chai but also to the routine it belongs to. When I have my steaming cup of chai (1/4 soy milk the rest water) and packet of 100 Calorie Pack Lorna Doones (let's face it, six Pepperidge Farm Chessmen cookies five days a week will catch up on anyone) in front of me, it means my time is my own. I can catch up on my blogs, email and then when my cup is empty, start writing. It's part of what I need to do to start working and I can't imagine this little addiction going away anytime soon. (Unless Target does the unthinkable and stops carrying the stuff. The horror!) So just like a construction worker needs their hard hat and mini-cooler, I need my powdered chai mix and skimpy packet of cookies.

I wonder if I can write the stuff off on my taxes next year?

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