Confession: Advice Addiction

I sometimes like to give it, sometimes I don't take it when I should but what I really like to do is read it. Some people can't start their morning without a shot of gossip or recaps of their favorite shows. I start mine with Dear Abby, Dear Margo and the rest of the gang. I do have my favorites and my not-so-favorites and here they are.

Dear Abby: Sure the problems are sometimes way too middle America to apply to my life, but they're always interesting and her advice is straight forward. And when she gives a bad answer, it's always really obvious and she corrects herself. But she tends to do too many follow up columns to make amends and theme columns are pretty predictable and boring. Grade: B

Dear Margo: She's Abby's sassier sister. (And I think they might be related, but I don't care so much.) And as such, her columns are shorter and not as dependable. She's also a bit more blunt and not afraid to come close to calling someone dumb for the obviously dumb thing they're writing in about. I'd like to see more of her, but then again she might wear thin--she can be a bit flippant. Grade: B+

Since You Asked: I hate this column but sometimes I can't help reading it, mostly for the questions. I think the advice here is purely self indulgent and the writer, Cary something, usually says a lot without saying anything and even less that will apply to the writer's dilemma. Where as Abby features some pretty blue collar issues, SYA is a bidet of yuppie angst. I like the idea of Salon having a column and I think it could be very funny, witty and insightful, maybe even helpful but not in the hands of the current advice giver. Grade: F. F-.

Ask Yahoo: Real advice from real people. Both a good and a bad thing. I've asked a few questions here and gotten some answers (What was the name of Pippi Longstocking's horse? Horse/Old Man.). Though I've seen some people ask relationship questions, I only go here when I need to find something specific out and I don't read it for fun. Grade: C+

Savage Love: This is a fun read. I used to pick up the SF Weekly just to see what Dan Savage had to say about a myriad of sex problems. I came by a book of collected columns and had myself a good time laughing at the questions and especially his answers. He's funny, smart and his answers are helpful once you dig yourself out from under the snark. Grade: A+.

Ask The Answer Bitch: Because we all have burning celebrity related questions that need answers now. Here you can ask or find out the where, why and how of celebrity life without having to out yourself as a person who cares about such drivel. She's a bitch, but she's informative. Just the way I like it. Grade: B.

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