The Coat of My Dreams...

...maybe. I saw it while we were in San Francisco walking down Market Street where there has been an explosion of fancy (trendy and expensive) shops to go along with the re-opening of re-imagined site of the long shuttered Emporium. (As far as malls goes, man, The San Francisco Center is pretty spiffy.)

As I'm staunchly anti-Juicy (mostly do to their ubiquitous velor track suits which unleashed plague of knock-offs on the land) I passed by the store window display several times before giving into temptation. My sister, who harbors no such dislike to Juicy, was more than encouraging. Before we went in she asked how much I would consider paying for it, reasoning that if it came in under my estimation there would be no reason for her not to nudge me toward the check out counter. I reached into my hat and came up with the figure of $400. (Hey, just because my last coat cost $80--the sole survivor after a drastic mark-down at Banana Republic--I'm not completely clueless when it comes to shopping retail.) So I went in, tried it on and had to admit, it's one damn cute coat. Beyond cute. Right away my sister starting chatting it up, saying I could wear it to book store appearances, interviews and meetings (things being more on the casual side here in LA). She said this in a rush before we looked at the price tag.

So I'm still debating--it's priced $50 above my limit--but each time I have to put together an outfit for something book related, I realize it might not be such a stupid waste of money. It might even be considered an investment.

This morning, as I was thinking about the four events I have in May, the coat came up again. When I asked her what she thought she said, "You might be able to get it cheaper in a month."

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