Checking In With...

Since I started this whole writing thing and it became an legitimate way to spend my hours and energy, I've gotten to "meet" a whole lot of writers. Since I know what I'm up to (and not) I thought I'd check in with some of the folks who were nice enough to spare me some blurb.

Patrick Sanchez
: Look for his next book, Once Upon a Nervous Breakdown, at the end of July. Great cover!

Lara Rios: Becoming Latina in 10 Easy Steps was voted a top 5 pick for 2006 by Catalina Magazine. Her second Becoming Americana was published in November and her third is due out in 2008.

Berta Platas: She's been hard at work, writing YA, more of her fun romances and this May 8th her short story will be in the Names I Call My Sister anthology.

Caridad Ferrer: She'll be following up her Adios To My Old Life with It's Not About the Accent this August. Both are published by MTV Books.

Mary Castillo: She has an anthology and a book out this year. In May she'll join Berta in Names I Call My Sister and this fall Switchcraft will appear at a bookstore near you.

Gemma Halliday: Spying in High Heels is the recipeant of not only one but two RITA award nominations. Her third, Undercover in High Heels, is due out this September.

Kate Perry: Project Date, her second after the delightful Project Daddy, is due out the September. She's currently hard at work on her third and fourth and...

Eileen Rendahl: Un-Veiled is due out in June but in the meantime she's hard at work on her very lively Literary Chicks blog.

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