The $10 Sandwich

There are many difference between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The style of driving for one. In SF I'd have to say people are more reckless, as far as street driving goes. (This most likely contributes to the high incidence of pedestrians getting run over.) People run red lights, take turns when they're not supposed to and block traffic. Pedestrians aren't innocent either, they jay walk in the middle of the street and cross against the light (something I admit I fell quickly back into the habit of doing). In LA, it's true, people just don't walk as much (which contributes to high gym membership) and when they do, they wait for the light to change and rarely sprint to the other side of the street mid-block. People in LA tend to drive fast and close on the freeway and have a limited concept of parking patience (in SF if you see a spot, the four cars behind you understand and wait while you park).

Another difference is the food.

I had a lot of things on my agenda while in San Francisco, the first being to eat (followed closely by visiting bookstores which had UIA in stock). Even after the kid came along, we could still go out for a decent meal even though we weren't as adventurous as we'd been before. (We ate out a lot and at really good places.) Having lived back in LA for almost two years, we've yet to find a reliably good place to eat (besides Darya, but how much saffron rice and kebab chicken can a person eat?).

Since our hotel was close to SF MOMA and, more importantly, Caffe Museo it was our first stop after dropping our bags off and inspecting the bathroom in our room. I admit, I've been to the cafe more than I've visited the museum. Why? The grilled chicken sandwich. It's good. Maybe not $9.50 good (before tax) but I like to think that some of the money goes back to the museum. And don't be shy, ask for extra pickles (I didn't). For what they're asking for a sandwich, they should be a little more generous.

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