Weighty Matters: Day Twenty Five

I've begun to vary my workout to incorporate weight training/toning/yoga on alternating days because its too easy to just do cardio. The whole point is to replace fat with muscle tone and I won't be getting any of that by just spinning my ass off. I've invested in a new heart rate monitor watch (Polar F4) to make sure I'm actually working my heart in the ideal range to make the most of my cardio workouts.

On the food front, the brother-in-law is flying back to Germany over the weekend and we'll be able to take a break from eating to please an out of town guest. He has an elaborate hamburger rating system and he's made it his goal to eat (and rate) any and every hamburger joint he can get to in Los Angeles so we've been doing our best to make sure he hits all of our favorites. (So far In and Out and Houston's rate a solid 9 while one he picked up on the Santa Monica Pier rated a 2.)

Current weight (as of 03/28/07): 135
Goal Weight: 132
Pounds lost: 2
Completed Workouts: 20
Bad Eating Choices: 6, maybe 7

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