Weighty Matters: Day Seventeen

Has it only been 17 days? It feels like I've been doing this forever. And if you go by this week's Newsweek, I'll have to if I want to keep my mind sharp into my golden years.

Which is the whole point, right? Hey, even I can admit it--my size four days are long gone. I'm happy being a size six, but I want to be a fit size six. I just don't eat like I used to or move around as much. When I lived in San Francisco (and before the kid) I walked a good hour to and from work after getting off at BART on Market Street and all the way up to the Fisherman's Wharf area where my last three jobs were located. I also went to the gym just about everyday and had a lovely little salad for lunch. Dairy was a dirty word in my vocabulary and a splurge for me was lunch of chicken strips and rice from the local deli. But I always had a packet of cookies after lunch no matter what. I'm a big sweets after dinner person.

Nowadays, I walk about 30 minutes a day (taking the kid to school, walking the dog), have a so-so lunch (sometimes noodles with broccoli and chicken doused in honey teriyaki sauce) and workout four to five times a week. So unless I want to commit an insane amount of time to working out and take up L.A. style eating habits (having a small soy chai latte for lunch instead of, like, food), I'm going to make the best of what I have. Sure, I've had to cut down on the snacking (tea goes with cookies and so I avoid drinking tea) and if I got out to dinner I drink water and skip the starter if I know the menu features something good for dessert. It's not so bad. In fact, I've been craving a little salad at noon time these past few days.

And I say this only because I cheated and stepped on the scale out of curiosity: it read a non-official 135.

Current weight as of 03/17/07: 136
Goal Weight: 132
Pounds lost: 1
Completed Workouts: 17
Bad Eating Choices: 5

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