Weighty Matters: Day One

On Saturday I drove down to Santa Monica and struck a deal with Jeff, owner of Studio Cycles for a brand new StarTrac Spinner Elite. Aside from being a nice guy, Jeff was full of info on spinning and helped me load the bike into my car. He gave me several options and price points to choose from but I figured I may as well invest in the bike I really wanted. When all was said and done, the bike cost me $40 less than a one year gym membership I knew I wasn't going to make the most of. It takes up a lot less space then the treadmill did so I now have the option of putting up some sort of shelf or bookcase in my office.

Since Saturday I've ridden it twice and this morning completed a entire 40 minute iTrain Cycle workout. I didn't think I'd make it and told myself I could quit after half an hour but I pushed through and was really happy to climb off even though it was only to do sit ups.

Now I just have to keep snacking to a minimum and I'm well on my way to my goal weight of 132 lbs by April (currently at, gulp, 137). Somehow I don't think the vanilla milkshake I had with dinner last night figures into this whole thing.

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